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The TRUTH about Independence Day (it’s not what you think)

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There’s a massive shift going on in the world today (different than what’s on the news) and it’s a growing momentum of people walking away from the world of getting paid for their efforts…

…and moving up to getting paid for results.

There’s a growing phenomenon and it starts with someone who wants to make a big change successfully in their life or to solve a painful problem (in personal areas such as health, relationships, finance, business) to get a specific desired result. People who already have success solving that problem and getting that specific desired result are popping up everywhere.

But we are in the early adopter phase of this.

Many people are still skeptical. The reason they are skeptical is because it’s much easier to sell someone HOPE than a real solution, and a lot of hope is being sold.

We see this with the sale of information products promising major results to someone who wants to make a change (in areas such as health, relationships, finance, business).

The truth is, these information products rarely solve any problems themselves. Without the human connection involved in mentorship, it just doesn’t seem to do anything as an end solution. But they ARE doing lots of good in raising awareness and aspirations to continue following into mentorship and success.  

There’s something magical about when humans get together to exchange value directly and help each other out—there’s more to the human connection that happens than we may know.

The binding force that is multiplying the transformational economy is when a human connection is made with a mutual commitment to results.

This is what’s virtually absent in the current conventional higher education system. It graduates “efforts-based” workers rather than results-based workers.

But this is changing. The internet is giving conventional wisdom a run for its money.

Today, because the economy can’t even produce the efforts-based jobs that college graduates were trained for, millions of people, of all different ages, are stepping out into the wild world of results-based work, or the transformational economy, where people can make the change they want to see in the world without depending on mommy, daddy, government or an employer.


In this transformational economy, people who make big claims and can’t back them up do poorly.

People who can actually help others get the results they want are paid handsomely—many are multi-millionaires in a matter of a couple years, sometimes even months. The masses look on with a very skeptical view, wearing the blinders given to all efforts-based workers.

But these new transformational millionaires didn’t win the lottery and they earn it, backed up by a crowd of raving client-fans who owe a life breakthrough to the work they did with them. They came together and created their own luck. Their own results.

In fact, think about how most people are trained to view the world: “Your results are just luck.”

Those with the courage to discover what’s really involved their desired results (in personal areas such as health, relationships, finance, business) and to accept their own self-change… actually gain the power to lead others through positive transformational changes too.

So if you’ve been freaking out about how bad the world appears to be, consider this…

Maybe the industrial era artifact of jobs is on its way out. A terrifying idea, I know. Change is feared by most.

But the extraordinary thing to do is ADAPT. Employment was almost non-existent until the industrial age. It may go the way of traveling by horse and buggy.

It’s just an idea. It could be right or wrong.

But what is 100% truly already happening is this: Among those people embracing the change, stepping out into the wild world of results and greater personal responsibility, changes are being made, personal triumphs achieved, and there is clearly a growing “transformational economy.” 

Whether it will eclipse the job-based economy is yet to be seen.

As an exercise in opening your mind and growing YOUR independence, just consider…

Searching for yesterday’s good news today (jobs) MIGHT cause you to overlook today’s GREAT news.

And maybe, just maybe, jobs are tools of dependence. It could even mean going out and doing your own thing freely, and seeing it through to the results you want, is the exact purpose of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE that was made in 1776.

What does Independence Day mean to you? 

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