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Brokerage Accounts

Many Self-Directed investors who invest in real estate and other alternative investments also continue to maintain access to traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, and publicly traded funds.

This requires a brokerage account.  With the Nabers Group Solo 401k platform, you get Unlimited® sub-accounts, including a brokerage account. Our reputation and contacts in the industry will allow you to open a brokerage account for your Solo 401k plan at almost any major brokerage firm.

Our unparalleled customer support will provide step-by-step trainings and guides in hundreds of Knowledge Base articles on exactly how to open and maintain your brokerage account for your Solo 401k.

The brokerage account is included in your Solo 401k setup so this helps you move money between alternative and traditional investments easier, faster, and smoother.

A Note About Accounts

Self-Directed investing with your Solo 401k account is all about freedom to move your money about as you please. It removes all unnecessary limitations and resistance to making profitable investments.

Rather than opening a “Schwab 401k” or a “Fidelity 401k”, your Solo 401k plan can open a Schwab or Fidelity investing account. These are special types of brokerage investing-only accounts where your Solo 401k is still in control. This means you don’t have to give up any freedoms of investing in what assets you want, in what time frame you want, and you’re not handing over control to another trustee.

The Nabers Group team has worked with these brokerage firms to determine the best investing-only brokerage account at each firm to work seamlessly with your Solo 401k account. This way, you retain the ability to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, promissory notes, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, tax liens, gold & silver, etc – all while maintaining the freedom to invest in traditional equities such as stocks, bonds, funds, and ETFs. Many of the brokerage accounts we work with also allow you to have checkbook access to your funds, allowing the brokerage account almost to function like a bank account.

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