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Solo 401k Setup Process

Step 1: Open your Solo 401k with Nabers Group

Our Solo 401k platform is a dream come true for the modern Self-Directed Investor. Our platform is the only one in the world of its kind that combines the strengths of both 401k and IRA accounts and solves the weaknesses. Your Investments can be self-directed and there is no need to hire, pay, and wait for a custodian to hold your assets. You get “Checkbook Access” built-in, without the need to register any LLCs. Your Solo 401k is exempt from taxation on debt leveraged real estate investments. You will never have a third party deny you from investing in a legally compliant investment (which happens with custodians). There are no transaction fees or asset fees, ever.

Your Solo 401k can include additional Unlimited® sub-accounts for your spouse as well—Tax deferred and Roth. You can borrow up to $50,000 from your Solo 401k funds tax-free for any reason. Your spouse, if named as a participant, can also have unlimited rollovers received that can be self-directed into alternative investments. Every Solo 401k includes a Roth 401(k) subaccount for you and one for your spouse, even if you make too much money to be allowed to contribute to a Roth IRA.

Step 2: Fund your Solo 401k

There are a number of ways to quickly and easily fund your Solo 401k. You can roll over funds from existing SDIRA, Solo 401k, traditional IRA, 401k, 403b, TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), Defined Benefit plan or 457b (and more).

A complete transfer paper packet is provided for you when you open your Solo 401k account with us. We’ll also provide clear instructions for your current custodian, so your rollover is done swiftly and compliantly.

You can also fund your plan with new tax-deductible contributions. If you have active self employment income, this is the quickest and easiest way to fund your Solo 401k. After-tax Roth contributions are available for your Solo 401k Roth sub-account. Within certain limitations, you can designate how much of your money you want to be designated as “Roth” and how much you want to be tax-deferred the traditional way.

Step 3: Open a Depository Account for Your 401k Funds

As the leader in Self-Directed Investing, we have preferred bankers ready to assist you and provide white-glove service in opening your bank account effortlessly and compliantly. You can also open a checking account in the name of your Solo 401k Trust at your favorite bank or brokerage firm. Your Solo 401k bank account is there to provide you complete checkbook control for investing with your Solo 401k.

Step 4: Start Investing

Purchasing assets and investments inside your Solo 401k is where the fun begins and where your profits can compound into even more substantial wealth building. As a valued Solo 401k accountholder, you’ll receive access to our dealmaker resources to invest in real estate, precious metals, loans, tax liens and more. Of course, when you set up your Solo 401k account with us, there are no transaction fees and no asset fees, ever. Nothing stands in your way of making investments that are smart, legal, and lucrative.

Repeat and Multiply

The Solo 401k Unlimited® Investing Platform is the first of its kind and is the most powerful investing platform in the world. Use your Solo 401k account to invest in as many assets as you choose, on your own schedule.

Plan Documents and Trustee

Your Solo 401k plan and trust documents will be generated in 1 business day or less. The Solo 401k Unlimited Investing Platform is the first of its kind and is the most powerful investing platform in the world. You have 24/7 access to your Solo 401k plan documents so you can have them when you need them. No more waiting around for someone to send your documents, get instant access. You are the Trustee of your Solo 401k plan, which gives you complete control over what you invest in, how much and when.

Unlimited Investment Options

Complete checkbook control means you can invest in almost any traditional or alternative asset, including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Real Estate, Tax Liens, Pre-IPO, Tax Deeds, Private Equity, Promissory Notes, Precious Metals, Private Businesses, International Investments and more.

White-Glove Banker Access

Your Solo 401k bank account can be opened effortlessly with the expertise of our preferred banker. Our preferred bankers have been extensively trained to assist you in executing any transactions needed with your Solo 401k bank account swiftly so that your deals close on time.

Our Solo 401k account holders never pay bank fees when using our preferred banker. You also have the option to use any bank of your choosing.

Instant Personal Line of Credit

Your new Solo 401k provides you an instant personal line of credit of up to $50,000 that can be taken out tax-free from your retirement plan. You pay yourself back and earn interest!

Investor Alerts

We’ve helped thousands of Self-Directed Investors successfully complete hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions using their Solo 401k. With the ever-changing economic climate, you need to stay informed. Our experts read the markets and global landscape to ensure you’re in the loop with up to date investor alerts on what strategies we’re using profitably and what we’re changing about our strategy so you have the opportunity to stay ahead.

Company You Can Trust

We believe you can control your financial destiny. With money so interwoven through every area of our lives, financial freedom can improve your life experience, health, and happiness. We feel it is our mission to help you protect and grow your money, grow your income, and control your destiny.

Since 2006, we’ve been the world’s leading authority on Self-Directed Investing—helping investors setup accounts, create wealth strategies, secure solid investments and do what it takes to achieve their goals.

We live and breathe financial freedom

Taking the time to create a powerful guiding wealth strategy can yield great rewards with improvements in:

*Free time
*Generational planning
*All areas of life
*We walk the talk and provide solutions from experience

We value your time

We believe that in order to be happy, wealthy and free you must increase the value of your time and everything we do is designed to save you time, money, and stress. The endless online “do it yourself” research can be a huge waste of time and lead to critical mistakes. Opening your Solo 401k account with us is akin to hiring a mentor, which can save untold amounts of time, personal energy, and money. Piggyback on our thousands of hours of research, development, case studies, results, and experience.

Solo 401k

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