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Real Estate IRA

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Are you ready for Unlimited® access to real estate?

Go beyond publicly available REITs and access investment properties directly. You can invest your IRA and 401k funds into houses, condos, land, mortgage notes, and more! Let the gains, rents, any all profits go back into your Solo 401k without taxation. Our Unlimited® platform gives you the freedom to invest in virtually any real estate deal, whether it be a rental home, a bargain at the foreclosure auction, or a syndicated “insider” real estate development.

The Solo 401k Advantage

Avoid the costly “Self-Directed IRA” real estate tax. Many self-directed investors get taxed twice and it eats up most of their profits. Self-Directed IRA custodian accounts and IRA LLC accounts are not designed to be invested in real estate using mortgage financing for leverage and thus are aggressively taxed at the highest rates in the tax code. The Solo 401k solves this because it is exempt from those taxes and that makes it the perfect real estate investing structure. Unlimited® Deal Access + Full Tax Benefits = Maximum Profit For You!

Do I need an LLC?

With Solo 401k, you don’t need an LLC to access any real estate investment, but you may choose to use an LLC for asset protection. Whether you choose to use an LLC to purchase a property investment, you can enjoy a level of simplicity, legal compliance, and efficient transaction closing unavailable to standard self-directed IRA accounts.

How many self-directed IRAs do I need?

With Solo 401k, you only need one. Unlike other self-directed account platforms you get Unlimited® subaccounts with us. Say goodbye to multiple sets of forms, fees, reports, and paperwork. Our Unlimited® Solo 401k platform is the first of its kind and brings simplicity to self-directed investing into real estate, gold, any many other alternative investments.

Say goodbye to bureaucracy—hello to freedom

As the pioneers of checkbook control, we paved the path for bureaucracy-free self-directed investing. In real estate a holding institution, such as a custodian, can create delays and red tape that can kill profitable deals before you get the profit. Instead of days or weeks of third party processing, we empower you to finalize deals with the ease of signing a check.

Governed by a special section of tax code, the Unlimited® Solo 401k enables you to be your own custodian legally. Sacrifice nothing, compromise nothing, and gain the fast-mover advantage required of all successful real estate investors.

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