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Non-Recourse Lending & Your Retirement Account (Webinar Replay)

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Want to fund your real estate deal in your retirement plan? Then you need to know about non-recourse lending. If you’re a real estate investor, this is for you!

Learn how bankers underwrite and decide to grant funding for your Solo 401k and IRA LLC real estate deals.

Kreighton Reed and Avram Shabanyan of Solera National Bank join us to discuss how your Solo 401k and IRA can get mortgage financing (non-recourse lending) to buy Real Estate.

Plus, we cover real case studies of deals that were approved and denied!

Click below to watch Non-Recourse Lending webinar replay










Apply for Non-Recourse Lending for Your Deal

Considering a real estate deal for your Solo 401k or IRA LLC? Get in touch with the experts. Give your retirement investment a boost by leveraging Solera Bank’s commercial lending program. Solera can finance your investment in real estate held in your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k.

Solera National Bank team members are ready to go over your numbers:

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