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Infographic: How to Rollover Real Estate from the IRA LLC to the Solo 401k

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Making the move from an IRA LLC to a Solo 401k with Nabers Group can be a powerful upgrade for your retirement. But what do you do if you have tangible assets like real estate already owned by the IRA LLC?

Our infographic below will walk you through the steps to re-titling the assets so you can successfully roll over real estate from the IRA LLC to the Solo 401k with Nabers Group:

Notes: You’ll want to specify for your IRA custodian that you’re not transferring the LLC into the Solo 401k, but rather transferring the assets held inside the LLC. 

Grant deeds are instruments used to document the transfer of ownership from one party to another. There are generally two parties in a grant deed: the grantor (who’s transferring the property), and the grantee (who’s receiving the property). You’ll usually need to have the grant deed notarized to make it official.

In the case of transferring assets from the IRA LLC to the Solo 401k, the LLC would be the grantor, and the Solo 401k trust would be the grantee.  The properties should be re-titled and re-registered in the name of the Solo 401k trust to complete the re-assignment of ownership. 

It’s important to make sure you’re preparing these documents correctly, so it is recommended you work with your attorney or tax advisor to ensure everything is filled out properly.

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