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Include Your Spouse in a Solo 401k (Webinar Replay)

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Should you include your spouse in your Solo 401k?

We discussed the various roles in a Solo 401k, and what each role can do. You wear many hats in your Solo 401k plan. You’re the employer, employee, plan administrator, plan participant, and plan trustee.

When you know your roles in the Solo 401k, you can make the most of your plan. This means you can make higher contributions (and get a bigger tax deduction). You can also co-invest retirement funds with your husband or wife.

Click below to watch Spousal Inclusion in a Solo 401k webinar replay

We’ll also cover:

  • How to maximize contributions (up to $127,000 tax deductible) by including your spouse in your Solo 401k plan
  • When and how to co-invest with your husband or wife under a Solo 401k
  • How to keep the books and funds clean when you both are in one plan

Set up Your Solo 401k (and include your spouse!)

Considering a Solo 401k for your small business? Get in touch with the experts. We’d love to chat with you to determine if a Solo 401k is right for you, and if you should include your spouse in your Solo 401k plan.

Get your retirement account funds in your control, where they belong:

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