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How to Refer Someone to Nabers Group

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People ask us all the time how they can refer someone to work with Nabers Group. Not only are we proud of our reputation as the industry leader, but we really care about our clients as members of our community.

Many accountholders have been with us a decade or more, and it’s been incredible to help sons and daughters of some of our original clients set up Solo 401k or Checkbook IRA LLC plans of their very own.

We’ve even had two of our Solo 401k accountholders get married to one another over the years! How awesome is that?

We’re happy to talk with your friends, family, colleagues or someone you think might benefit from the Nabers Group Solo 401k or the Checkbook IRA LLC (Roth or traditional), but they’re not quite ready to sign up yet.

The easiest thing to do is fill out the form below with their contact information.

[contact-form-7 id=”2000″ title=”Nabers Group Referral”]

Think of this form as a way of signing your referral up for a free consultation with someone on our team.

If you input your referrals information, we will attempt to contact them via phone or email to see if the Solo 401k can benefit them.

Anyone who you fill out the form for, and who signs up for the Solo 401k with Nabers Group, can earn you a referral partner commission.

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