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Grateful To Be an Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur has unique challenges compared to most working stiffs. The buck stops with you. Client calls (and requests, and needs) can sometimes seem overwhelming. You work long hours, holidays, and weekends. There are great months of prosperity. And, sometimes there are devastating months of low earnings.

The highs and lows of entrepreneurship sound a call answered only by the brave.

But let’s face it. You started your own business for a reason. Your why is what continues to drive you forward, even when it feels exhausting to continue. Somehow, everyday it’s worth it. And we are grateful for this wild and twisting journey.

Being an Entrepreneur Takes Guts

At times, it’s hard being an entrepreneur. Yes, of course, it’s fulfilling. Plus, after a taste of the sweet life (hello working from home in your pajamas), it can feel almost claustrophobic to have to go work for others.

Take orders? Put in long hours working to feed someone else’s dream? Many entrepreneurs will say no thanks.

Striking out on your own means you’re the boss. And with that comes the responsibilities of being the boss. Running late on a deadline? Too bad. You’re responsible for delivering. Client wants something redone (maybe multiple times)? You’re in charge of delivering, or effectively delegating to a team member who can deliver.

And that doesn’t even begin to touch the pain you might feel in paying taxes as a business owner. Why does it seem like the IRS almost wants to punish us for being successful? I’m certainly not complaining, I’m happy to pay my fair share. But, I think all entrepreneurs have felt the sting of that big tax bill at the end of the year. With self-employment taxes, social security, medicare, and more – it’s a big deal to run your business – both emotionally and financially.

The Strong Receive the Spoils

However, entrepreneurship is not without its benefits! With a little bit of planning, you can manipulate your successes into a great financial future for yourself. With tools like a Solo 401k, you can tap into major tax benefits.

In fact, you can contribute up to $56,000 per year. That can potentially provide a huge reduction in your taxable income.

Curious about how much you could save? Click here to plug in your numbers and find out how much you can contribute to your Solo 401k plan.

In addition to the huge tax benefits, a retirement plan like the Solo 401k allows entrepreneurs to invest in almost anything. From real estate to bitcoin and private companies, you are no longer relegated to yesterday’s mishmash stocks and funds. (Don’t worry, you can hold FAANG stocks in your portfolio, too 😉

Claim and Protect What’s Yours

We talk with entrepreneurs everyday who are taking control of their retirement future. The gratitude we hear from entrepreneurs thrilled to control their own destiny is something that never gets old. And we are humbled to play a small role on the journey to protecting what they have worked so hard to grow.

So what about you? What makes you grateful to be an entrepreneur? Freedom to work on what you want, when you want? Flexibility to take on clients you truly enjoy working with? The reward of being a part of projects you believe in?

As we complete another year of giving thanks, we are grateful to you entrepreneurs and hustlers and grinders out there. Keep on hustling. Keep on securing the bag. You are living the dream. It’s worth it. Keep going. You got this.

Interested in taking your nest egg to the next level? Get your retirement funds in your hands, where they belong. Contact a Nabers Group team member today to see if the Solo 401k is right for you.

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