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A Message of Hope

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Jeff & Rachel Nabers have launched a new podcast: The Self Directed Life.  Hear more from Jeff Nabers, Nabers Group CEO and Founder, on why he decided now was the time:
17 years ago I started helping people use Self Directed IRAs. What I found was that truly successful people were self directing not just their IRA… but their life.
Time and time again, I’ve seen that people nurture one area of their life (e.g. money). However, they ignore other areas (, relationships, etc)… and end up paying a hefty price.
At our events, we’re always amazed to get to know our clients better and everyone is on a self directed life journey. We feel the main areas of mastery are: money, health, relationships, and time. And despite all the bad news going around, there is so much you can do to make improvements in these key areas of your life.
Now, more than ever, we feel called to share this message of hope.
In addition to hope, we are using this new podcast to share practical steps and resources to overcome obstacles and take your life to the next level. Our goal is to become your #1 resource for surviving and thriving through this Coronavirus Crisis and beyond.
Please check out the podcast and let us know what you think:
Listen to the Self-Directed Life Podcast Now

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