Will the Government Take Away Your IRAs?

There’s been a lot of talk out there about the government taking away retirement accounts, just like has been done in Portugal, Poland, and already for some in the U.S.

This video will show you how to block that kind of thing from happening to you and keep your retirement funds safe :-)

Solo 401k: How is it different than a Self-Directed IRA?

I was just making a “get to the point” chart showing how the Solo 401(k) is different than a Self-Directed IRA. Click the chart to view a larger version:

As you can see from the chart above, and as you may know from our free education posts, articles and videos… the Solo 401(k) can be structured to be much more powerful than any IRA.

These extra powers [Read more…]

Start Your Solo 401k Now – Here’s Why…


I apologize for how we generally haven’t been accepting new self-directed Solo 401k clients in over a year… but I promise I’ll make it up to you.

You see, we’ve been working hard developing ways to go the extra mile in helping our self-directed Solo 401k clients get good results with their investing.

I just created a free video series about successful Self-Directed/Solo 401k investing.

And if you view the free video series, you’ll have an opportunity to get an amazing deal on a Self-Directed IRA/401k.

In fact, in the first video I actually lay out how you can [Read more…]

Harsh Reality of Real Estate Investing Today

[Originally Published at JeffNabers.com]

You may be wondering why I haven’t blogged about real estate investing in a while. There’s a very good explanation video at Nabers.TV for you to check out.

Solo 401k in Wall Street Journal Again

Solo 401k was thrust in the spotlight again last week because of its powerful ability to reduce your self-employment income through large tax-deductible contributions.

Unfortunately, the writer of that WSJ article is mildly financially retarded. Take a look for yourself. Read the article to hear about the powerful tax benefits (albeit presented in a fantasy situation), and then read the comments to have some real people bring the concept back to reality.