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What Can the Solo 401k Invest In?

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Total Freedom

As the pioneers of checkbook control, we paved the path for “bureaucracy-free” self-directed investing. Governed by a special section of tax code, the Unlimited® Solo 401k enables you to be your own custodian legally. Sacrifice nothing, compromise nothing, and gain the fast-mover advantage required of all successful investors.

Unlike other self-directed account platforms you get Unlimited® sub-accounts with us. Say goodbye to multiple sets of forms, fees, reports, and paperwork. Our Solo 401k Unlimited® platform is the first of its kind and brings simplicity to self-directed investing into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, real estate, gold, any many other alternative investments.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

With the recent rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it seems “experts” have been crawling out from under rocks left and right.

We’ve been investing in bitcoin since April 2013.

We’re the most experienced with how to compliantly structure your retirement account so you not only can purchase crypto, but hold your own keys. That means you’re in charge of what types of coins you want to buy, and how much, and you don’t have to compromise safety by handing over your private keys to a stranger.

Not only that, but Nabers Group CEO and Founder, Jeff Nabers, created one of the world’s first cryptocurrency hedge funds and is at the forefront of investing in this new and exciting market.

Blockchain technology is a space that is constantly innovating and moving quickly. You’ve got to be able to keep up. With our expertise in getting things done, we can show you how to invest in crypto in your retirement account safely and swiftly, so you can join the rocket ship as it’s taking off!

Real Estate

When you purchase Real Estate, a holding institution such as a custodian can create delays and red tape that can kill profitable deals before you get the profit. Instead of days or weeks of third party processing, we empower you to finalize deals with the ease of signing a check.

Go beyond publicly available REITs and access investment properties directly. You can invest your IRA and 401k funds into houses, condos, land, mortgage notes, and more! Let the gains, rents, any all profits go back into your Solo 401k without taxation. Our Unlimited® platform gives you the freedom to invest in virtually any real estate deal, whether it be a rental home, a bargain at the foreclosure auction, or a syndicated “insider” real estate development.

The Solo 401k Advantage

Avoid the costly “Self-Directed IRA” real estate tax. Many self-directed investors get taxed twice and it eats up most of their profits. Self-Directed IRA custodian accounts and IRA LLC accounts are not designed to be invested in real estate using mortgage financing for leverage and thus are aggressively taxed at the highest rates in the tax code. The Solo 401k solves this because it is exempt from those taxes and that makes it the perfect real estate investing structure. Unlimited® Deal Access + Full Tax Benefits = Maximum Profit For You!

Do I need an LLC?

With Solo 401k, you don’t need an LLC to access any real estate investment, but you may choose to use an LLC for asset protection or to invest in cryptocurrency. Whether you choose to use an LLC to purchase a property investment, you can enjoy a level of simplicity, legal compliance, and efficient transaction closing unavailable to standard self-directed IRA accounts.

While some document providers are content to merely treat you as an “account”, we know you’re more than that. You’re a Self-Directed Investor and we’re here to support your success. 

Tax Liens

A tax lien certificate is a claim against a piece of property. The lien has been placed on the property due to unpaid property taxes. Tax lien certificates are often purchased by investors as a way to make money.

Some tax lien certificates boast double-digit yields. When you purchase a tax lien, you effectively own a claim against the property until the homeowner pays back the debt owed. The real money to be made is in the interest on the lien. State rates can be anywhere from 12-24%, which can be very profitable for the Self-Directed investor.

Private Lending

A private money lender is a non-bank (non-institutional) individual or company (like your S-Corp, C-Corp or LLC) that loans money. The money is typically secured by a note. Crowdfunding is a form of private lending that is gaining more and more popularity. Crowdfunding is the raising of capital by many small amounts from a large group of people, usually over the Internet.

Institutions like Lending Club and Prosper offer borrowers an opportunity to raise funds directly from individuals, which can be very helpful in times of economic crisis when the banks aren’t lending as much.

For the lender, the interest rates can be extremely attractive and you can choose from a basket of levels of risk to ensure you are paid out on time. Higher risk loans typically have a higher rate of return, so some diversification in private lending can yield the best payout.

Your Solo 401k account is already equipped to loan funds directly from your account to private organizations or crowdfunding sites.

Precious Metals

With the recent financial turbulence in the economy, more self-directed investors are turning to precious metals like gold and silver. With the right precious metals strategy, you really can insulate yourself from the drastic effects of global events outside your control. While paper currency has continued to lose its value and purchasing power over the years, gold and silver have remained a sound long-term investment to protect against rising inflation and the stock market roller coaster.

A huge reason why investors fail is that they focus on profits, but they forget to protect the profits. Holding some physical precious metals inside your Solo 401k can help you to truly diversify and establish a personal hedge fund, something often overlooked even by seasoned investors.

Buying metals with your retirement funds and getting gold into your Unlimited Solo 401k is easy. Once you open an account with us, you can rollover or contribute money to fund your Solo 401k account. Once your Solo 401k is funded, you can purchase the physical precious metals. Physical precious metals are an excellent long-term investment to provide a hedge against inflation, protection in a currency crisis or even as a sound investment that has proven to go up over the long term.

Conventional Brokerage Accounts

Many Self-Directed investors, who hold real estate and other alternative investments, also continue to maintain their access traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds, and publicly traded funds.

This requires a brokerage account. Self-Directed investors often have multiple sets of retirement accounts in order to maintain access to both traditional and alternative investments. This creates resistance within your portfolio because moving money between retirement accounts then involves official “rollovers” with extra tax tracking forms every single time.

With our Solo 401k platform, you get Unlimited® sub-accounts, including a brokerage account. This brokerage account is included within your Solo 401k, so this helps you move money between alternative and traditional investments easier, faster, and smoother.

Self-Directed investing with your Unlimited® Solo 401k account is all about freedom to move your money about as you please. It removes all unnecessary limitations and resistance to making profitable investments.

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