Solera Bank: Non-Recourse Loans

Give your retirement investment a boost by leveraging Solera Bank’s commercial lending program. Solera can finance your investment in real estate held in your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k.

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Solera Bank General Terms and Conditions

(Terms & conditions subject to change)

    • Loan Amount:  Minimum of $50,000
    • Maximum Loan-to-Value:  Up to 65%
    • Interest Rate:  Approx. 5.25% – 6.50% (based on underwriting)
    • Origination Fee:  1.5%
    • Terms:  7/1 Adjustable Commercial Real Estate loan amortized over 25 years with all interest, principal, taxes and insurance due monthly.
    • Maturity:  Up to 25 years
    • Minimum Requirements: The property must generate sufficient net operating income (rents minus operating expense) to exceed loan payment by at least 25%. Minimum cash reserves must be maintained in your retirement account held at Solera National Bank.


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