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Sign Your Plan Signature Pages


Here’s what to do next:

To continue, open the signature page documents that you just downloaded and sign where applicable.

Since you are the trustee of the Solo 401k plan, after you sign the plan pages just store them in a safe place.

You do not need to send any of the signed pages into Nabers Group.

Watch the helpful tutorial video below:



Once your plan signature pages are signed, you can proceed to funding the Solo 401k via rollovers or contributions.

Start Incoming Rollover

A Note About Your Signature Pages

In the last decade of helping self-directed investors take control of their retirement funds, we’ve noticed a little help can go a long way. For your convenience, we’ll give you some links to open a bank and/or brokerage account to get you started.

Please note that opening these accounts with our recommended providers are completely optional.

If you choose to proceed opening one or both of the accounts suggested, simply follow the instructions on contacting each institution. If you prefer not to open a bank or brokerage account with these institutions and want to use another bank and/or brokerage firm, proceed with your chosen bank or brokerage account provider.

Nabers Group does not receive any financial compensation for the opening of these accounts. We simply want to provide a convenience to our clients to have easy access to open a brokerage and/or bank account so you can get started investing your way as soon as possible.

Let us know if you need any assistance and congratulations on reaching this step!

Solo 401k

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