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Grow Your IRA & 401k Faster by Investing in Real Estate

Get an unfair advantage with your retirement plan by investing your IRA and 401k funds into real estate. Stop leaving money on the table that can change how you spend your retirement years. 

What You Get:

Who is this Investor Kit for?

The Nabers Real Estate Investor Kit is an ideal tool to help if:

You are considering investing in real estate

If you've been through stock market crashes, you know it's time to get real diversification. We're not just talking a mix of stocks and bonds. you can buy real properties, including single-family rentals & apartment complexes with your IRA and 401k.

You know your IRA & 401k have bigger growth potential

Why limit yourself to just one asset class? Typical brokerage IRA and 401k plans are limited in their investment options. Learn how you can legally invest your IRA and 401k funds into various alternative assets like real estate.

You want to retire sooner

Holding real estate in a tax-deferred account like an IRA or 401k can be a game changer for your wealth plan. Our team of experts has created the easiest, fastest Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA setup process in the industry to help you be ready to invest faster.

You are ready to work smarter, not harder

Put your IRA and 401k funds to work for you by diversifying them in different assets classes. This gives you the potential for better returns.

You want complete "checkbook control"

The Nabers Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA give the you full access to a world of investment options, including real estate - all without the delays and fees of an intermediary or middleman.

You're dead serious about compliance

Yes, you can safely invest in your real estate with your retirement account. Nabers Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA plan documents are written by top attorneys and come with an IRS Opinion Letter proving the Qualified Status of the retirement plan!

Get an unfair advantage in your ira & 401k

Get a Peek Inside Your Investor Kit!

How to buy real estate in a Solo 401k

Setting up a Solo 401k retirement plan is easy and it puts you in control with access to a world of real estate investment options residential and commercial properties, rentals, mortgage notes and much more. Plus it allows for tax-deductible contributions much larger than an IRA or standard 401k.

Solo 401k Deduction Estimate
See if you qualify and estimate your tax deduction
Open Solo 401k Plan
Open your Solo 401k plan and holding account
Fund Your Solo 401k
Fund your Solo 401k with a rollover or contribution
Claim your tax deduction and invest in real estate
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How much can I deduct with a Solo 401k?

Contribution limits are based on net earnings from self employment. The more you earn from self employment, the bigger the tax deduction you get for saving and investing for your future. The Solo 401k’s unique tax structure and powerful investment options make it an excellent choice for real estate investors who need both retirement security as well as tax efficiency.

Select Your Income Range

Free rollovers, roth's & spouse accounts

Your Solo 401k is four accounts in one, and there are no transaction fees or rollover fees.

Spouse Solo 401k
Solo 401k Spouse Account

Your unfair advantage awaits. Start building it with your Real Estate investor kit today.

Unlock your retirement funds to legally and compliantly invest in real estate.

Investors Trust Nabers Group

For 17 years, we have helped thousands of happy customers take control of their retirement with a Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA.

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