We are retirement nerds.

Our passion is you. We thrive on helping small business owners take control of your financial future.

At Nabers Group, we’re more than just fans of self-directed investing. We are retirement nerds.  For us, digging through the tax code, scouring new investments and learning about business structures is fun and exciting. We live and breathe retirement accounts. That means we’ll do the boring stuff, so you don’t have to. 

The Original Solo 401k Experts

Authenticity and integrity are the foundational pillars of the Nabers Group community.
We created the original Solo 401k, and are here to keep innovating and supporting investors.


Our expert team will handle almost everything, from plan setup, to rollover help, to getting funds in your control…where they belong.


We brought the Solo 401k to market in 2006 and are proud to continue leading the industry. Lean on our 13+ years of experience.


As an IRS-approved provider, our plans maintain uninterrupted 100% IRS-approval and we provide unparalleled service to our valued account holders.

Our Mission

Provide the most efficient, supportive and compliant process to our accountholders. This makes it faster and easier to get your Solo 401k up and running so you can begin investing.

We have a vast network of resources available to our clients, including banks and bankers, CPAs, tax experts, non-recourse lenders, real estate experts, crypto veterans and more so you’re well-supported in moving toward your wealth goals.

Our Origin Story

Founded by Jeff Nabers in 2006, Nabers Group and Solo401k.com have long been industry leaders for the self-directed retirement community.

Nabers Group was the first non-custodial document provider in the industry and has helped thousands of self-directed investors take control of their retirement future. CEO Jeff Nabers was instrumental in the development of the Solo 401k, meeting regularly with IRS and Dept of Labor lawmakers during and after the passing of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 which brought the Solo 401k into being.

After spending almost a million dollars on research and development to create a one-of-a-kind revolutionary Solo 401k software, Nabers Group can deliver IRS-approved 401k plans to our clients faster than anyone else in the marketplace and for the lowest price on the planet.

The goal is financial freedom. The way we get there is by designing a plan as flexible as possible, while remaining compliant with IRS rules.

We’ve written our plans to include all the bells and whistles you could want to fully maximize your retirement and wealth goals.

All Solo401k.com plans include free spousal sub-accounts, Roth accounts, mega backdoor Roth conversion abilities, unlimited rollovers, bank & brokerage account help and the freedom to invest your money your way.

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