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Complete Your Rollover

Next, open the rollover documents you just downloaded, and:

  • Print your rollover/transfer packet
  • Sign and date each page where applicable
  • Fax or mail your rollover packet to your current custodian

If you want to initiate another rollover, just click the button below.  Remember that your Solo 401k has unlimited incoming direct rollovers!

Congratulations on completing this step toward controlling your destiny!

Click Here to Start Another Incoming Rollover

Rollover FAQs

Do you have questions about your Solo 401k and incoming rollovers? Make sure you check out our client Knowledge Base!

The Nabers Group Knowledge Base has articles on everything from rollovers to contributions, participant loans to distributions, and everything in between.

Click the link to jump to a Knowledge Base article on some frequently asked rollover questions below:

Solo 401k

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