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A self-directed retirement plan that allows you to take control of your future and invest in crypto and much more.

Crypto Solo 401k

$399 setup fee with expert support

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A Solo 401k is a retirement plan for the self employed. This is for freelancers, independent contractors and small business owners. Your business can be a sole proprietorship or a formally structured LLC, C Corp or S Corp.

IRA contributions max out at $6,000 per year; conventional 401k plans are limited to $19,500 per year. The Solo 401k allows contributions of up to $58,000 ($64,500 if you are age 50 or older)! This can be fully tax deductible or mixed with tax free “Roth” status.

What's Included

Investment Options

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Your Crypto Solo 401k can invest in any available cryptocurrency

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Trade Crypto Tax-Free in Your IRA

Solopreneurs are small business owners that meet 2 criteria:
You're Self Employed
Full time or part time self employment are both ok. This includes activity that generates income via 1099, Schedule C, Corp, S-Corp, and/or LLC.
You Have No Full-Time Employees
To qualify, you cannot employ others who work 1000+ hours per year and receive a W-2. Part time employees, contractors, vendors and spouses are OK.

$399 setup fee with expert support

Annual maintenance fee - only $99

Easy Online Account Setup

We've been perfecting our online setup process for over 14 years, making it the easiest to use in the world.

Highest Contribution Limits

The Solo 401k allows contributions of up to $58,000 ($64,500 if you are age 50 or older)!

Instant Cash For Personal Use

Your Solo 401k can provide a same-day loan of up to $50,000 with automatic approval. Use the money for any purpose.

Free 401k Rollovers

We offer free rollovers from another IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, Keogh, etc.

Watch Your Money Add Up Faster

How Much Can I Deduct with a Crypto Solo 401k?

A Solo 401k retirement plan is easy to setup and allows for tax-deductible contributions much larger than with an IRA or standard 401k. Use the tool below to find out how much you can deduct based on your income.

Select your approximate annual income from self employment below to see your maximum deduction.

Solo 401k Deduction Graph

Maximum Tax Deductible Contribution

How It Works

Open Your Crypto Solo 401k in
3 Easy Steps

Everything you need to trade crypto in your Solo 401k and maximize your tax deduction, for one flat fee.

$399 setup fee with expert support

Annual maintenance fee - only $99

We'll Create Your Solo 401k Plan
Your self-employed business is the sponsor of the plan. You are the trustee, which appoints you to manage the plan assets.
Open & Fund Your Holding Bank Account
Transfer in funds tax-free from existing accounts, such as IRA, former 401(k), etc. You get free unlimited rollovers and very high contribution limits.
Start Trading Crypto in Your Solo 401k
Open a brand new crypto exchange account in the name of your 401k on popular platforms like Gemini and start investing your retirement in crypto!

Take a $50,000 Loan Instantly

No credit check, no bank—instant approval—all from within your Solo 401k online dashboard

Watch Your Money Add Up Faster

Claim Your Tax Deduction, Start Saving And Reach Your Financial Goals Faster

The difference this can make in your finances is significant due to the effects of larger contributions and a higher growth rate.

Chart Assumptions

Solo 401k

$56,000 annual contribution

12% growth rate illustrates the potential of alternative investments (real estate, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, private notes, tax liens, private equity, startups, etc)


$6,000 annual contribution Annual growth rate of 4.83% (2000-2018 S&P 500)


$37,000 annual contribution Annual growth rate of 4.83% (2000-2018 S&P 500)
* Illustration assumes net earnings from self employment of $148,000/yr, maximum Solo 401k contributions of $56,000/yr and investment growth of 12%/yr with alternative investments; compared to maximum contributions into IRA of $6,000 and SEP IRA of $37,000 with compound annual growth rate equal to that of S&P 500 in 2000-2018, including dividends, which is 4.83%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Ever since the Pension Protection Act was passed in 2006, you have the ability to do a tax free transfer, or “rollover,” of retirement funds from one retirement account to another.

You must meet 2 requirements to open a Solo 401k:

1) Entrepreneurship – This can be working as a freelancer, independent contractor, or business owner. This can be in the form of a sole proprietor or a formal corporation or LLC. Your entrepreneurship can be brand new, part time, or full time.

2) No full time employees – If you pay yourself or your spouse a W2 paycheck that’s fine, but no outside W2 employees who work 1000+ hours a year.

  • Yes, it is possible for your spouse to participate in your Solo 401k, without having to create another Solo 401k plan. He/she will be able to rollover and contribute funds alongside you.
  • This also means you and your spouse can combine your retirement funds for investments, which is illegal in IRAs.

No. With a Solo 401k, you can be your own custodian.

No. Because you don’t need a custodian, you also don’t need to create a “checkbook control” LLC. Your “checkbook control” feature is built in to your Solo 401k. This saves you fees, delays, and the potential of getting into compliance trouble as most self directed IRA fraud happens in custodian accounts.

Yes! And it’s better than a self directed IRA because your Solo 401k is exempt from taxes on leveraged real estate profits.

Yes! Your Solo 401k can buy Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. It’s the fastest growing asset class in the world, and you can tap into a market that has grown over 1000% in the past year, using your Solo 401k.

Yes! ROTH is a special tax treatment that allows you to not only grow your money tax free, but make retirement distributions tax free as well.

You can have traditional and Roth funds all in one Solo 401k, and your spouse can too. This means it’s like 4 retirement accounts in one.

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$399 setup fee with expert support

Annual maintenance fee - only $99

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