Get money tax-free with a participant loan

You can take a tax-free loan from your 401k funds of $50,000 or 50% of your account value (whichever is less). Use the money for any purpose!

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How It Works

Complete Loan Form

Fill out the short intake form below This should take you about 30 seconds or less! Getting a loan has never been easier.

E-Sign Your Loan Documents

We'll email your prepared participant loan documents for signature. Once you sign, store in a safe place on your computer.

Transfer Funds To Your Bank

Transfer your loan amount from your Solo 401k bank or brokerage account to your personal account. Do not send money from the 401k to your business bank account.


Complete Your Loan Application

Fill out the short form below and we’ll take care of creating the paperwork. Once you’ve signed your loan documents, you can transfer money from your 401k to your personal bank account.

Please note IRS regulations stipulate you may only take a loan of $50,000 or 50%, whichever is less. If you have more than one outstanding loan at a time, you may not exceed a total of $50,000 or 50% of your account value (whichever is less) across all loans).

Frequently Asked Questions