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Self-Directed Life Podcast: Invest in Tax Sales

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Tax sales can be a great way to become a real estate investor. Tax sales are also known as tax liens, or tax auction properties.

With a tax sale property, you pay the delinquent property taxes. The property taxes weren’t paid by the property owner, but the municipality or county still relies on those tax funds. Therefore, the “tax lien” is sold to an investor.

Tax Sales on the Self-Directed Life Podcast

Listen to our latest episode of the Self-Directed Life podcast. In this special episode we discuss tax sales. We also dig into tax liens, tax auction properties and real estate investing.

Dutch Mendenhall of Tax Auction Investors joins us to discuss buying tax auction properties in your portfolio. We discuss how Dutch got into the real estate world, and the fascinating landscape of buying real estate at tax auction. We also dove into Dutch’s latest passion, The Survival Project – where he is building out a several hundred acre farm to provide a Plan B to investors who are concerned with the current economic and social climate.

Listen to the podcast here:

Free gift for podcast listeners

As a special gift to our podcast listeners, go to or text 54453 to +18134524040 for a special free education matrix to get started on learning about tax auction properties.


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