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Taxanista Webinar: Most Expensive Business Mistakes to Avoid

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Table of Contents

We loved this special training on The Top Most Expensive Business Mistakes to Avoid with Angela Sticca Snyder, the Taxanista.

Angela is the consummate cash strategist, Author of Expensive Business Mistakes to Avoid, and frequent guest on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and the CW. She has long been a resource for “in the know” Solo 401k account holders.

Fortunately, on the webinar, Angela takes us through the top business mistakes to avoid (and maybe share some secrets to tax deductions and reductions, too!

What We Cover:

  1. Bookkeeping resources to make your life easier
  2. Why you always need to keep your receipts
  3. How to know when to work with a tax professional
  4. Why employing your kids can be a good tax move
  5. Best apps for keeping track of receipts (required for deductions!)

Top Most Expensive Business Mistakes to Avoid: Watch Taxanista Webinar Replay

Click below to watch Taxanista webinar replay










Interested in Working with the Taxanista?

Considering adding to your professional team? Get in touch with the experts. Adding a Solo 401k-literate tax accountant to your business and financial team can save you a ton of money. Unsurprisingly, Enrolled agents and accountants earn their living off helping you save money in taxes. Having a competent professional looking over your shoulder or giving you a second opinion is valuable to consider.

Importantly, you want to know what to tell your accountant about the Solo 401k, so they can best support you.

Angela’s talents lie in taxation, accounting, business consulting, CFO services, organization and creating peace of mind out of chaos. She and her team are experts in all things back office, including compliance, cashflow management, profit growth, sales & product strategy, team development, assurance coverage, and exit plans.

Ready to learn more?

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