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Everybody Deserves a 10% Rate of Return

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When you think about the important goals in your life, what do you see yourself enjoying?

An early retirement?

The ability to do something you love that you’ll never retire from?

A lifestyle upgrade?

A passion project?

Giving much more to a certain cause you believe in?

As you allow the excitement of that vision sink in, consider this…

You deserve a 10% rate of return because it will help you achieve that goal you feel strongly about.

What Can a 10% Rate of Return Do For You?

Retire 20 Years Sooner

If retirement is your goal and you want to increase your speed moving toward it, a 10% rate of return can cut a 40-year career in half. That’s right, it can mean 20 more years of your life exploring beaches, traveling, painting, learning guitar, visiting grandkids and knocking items off your bucket list. If your job or business stresses you out and is just a means to get money to save for retirement, this might be the path for you!

7X Your Retirement Money

If you’re happy with your retirement date, but you’d like to increase your retirement lifestyle, a 10% rate of return can increase your retirement money sevenfold! Seven times the vacations, the retirement home, the luxury—seven times the fun! If you like working hard and playing hard, let your money work hard for you too so you can fully enjoy the payoff!

7X Your Net Worth

Do you love what you do and you don’t want to retire? No problem! Imagine if the same work you’re doing brought you 7X the net worth. Would you double down on your current projects? Maybe certain dreams would become within reach. Or perhaps this is the ticket to giving more to causes you believe in so you can bring more meaning to your life. Either way, if retirement isn’t for you, having more to show for your work may be for you!

By now you’re probably wondering whether this is truly possible for you and what is required to make it happen.

Stay tuned for future posts, where I’ll show you the math behind making it possible to retire 20 years sooner, 7X your retirement, or 7X your net worth.

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