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Danger Ahead

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Have your heard of Carl Icahn? He’s a billionaire investor and “financial engineer” who finds huge profits through restructuring companies.

He knows how to read financial statements and cues.

And he decided to make this video to warn of the danger ahead. Check it out, it’s very short and informative:

Want to protect your investments against the next economic downturn?

I’ll send you a free copy my book 5 Steps to Freedom if you’ll cover the postage. It reveals how I was able to avoid losses and make money in 2008, while everyone else was losing money. Supplies are limited, so claim yours here before they sell out.

Author Jeff Nabers originated the truly self directed Solo 401k and co-developed the IRA LLC with Debra Buchanan. He also warned investors about the real estate bubble before it popped in 2008 and helped others liquidate their portfolio before the crash.

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