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Brokerage Solo 401k vs Nabers Group Solo 401k

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Many smart investors, who hold traditional brokerage investments alongside their alternative investments, maintain multiple sets of retirement accounts. This creates resistance within your portfolio because moving money between retirement accounts then involves official “rollovers” with extra tax tracking forms every single time.

With the Nabers Group Solo 401k platform, you get Unlimited® subaccounts, including a brokerage account. This brokerage account is included within your Solo 401k, so this helps you move money between alternative and traditional investments easier, faster, and smoother.

Many brokerage houses that offer a 401k plan give you a watered-down version of a 401k that’s not truly self-directed. A Nabers Group EIN specialist will obtain a brand new  tax ID number for your new 401k trust. With a brokerage 401k, you have to use their tax ID number, meaning the transactions don’t really belong to you, nor are they truly directed by you.

Because you’re left using someone else’s tax ID number, they ultimately have trustee authority over your assets. This means they’ll often restrict you to purchasing traditional equities (e.g. stocks, bonds, ETFs) on their platform. Want to invest in real estate? Too bad. Want to by a mutual fund with another brokerage house? Sorry, no can do.

Additionally, brokerage 401k plans will not allow you to take a participant loan, a critical element of control offered by the Nabers Group Solo 401k plan. 

Self-Directed investing with your Nabers Group Unlimited® Solo 401k account is all about freedom to move your money about as you please. It removes all unnecessary limitations and resistance to making profitable investments.

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