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Ask a Banker with Titan Bank (Webinar Replay)

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Why are certain banks friendly to Solo 401k accounts when others aren’t? Learn why Titan Bank decided to work with Solo 401k and IRA LLC clients when other banks aren’t as open to these types of accounts.

Setting up a checkbook control retirement plan is exciting! You’re ready to take control of your retirement funds, and invest your way. The only trouble is you might get thwarted before you get started! Why? Because many banks simply don’t support Solo 401k plans. Have no fear – Nabers Group works with great banks who are happy to support your self-directed Solo 401k plan. When you work with a banker who understands you, it’s easier to get things done faster. This means less delays in closing your deals. It also means you have a chance to grow your retirement nest egg faster. In short, having a banker who understands the Solo 401k is a great way to get the account setup quickly so you can get to the fun part…investing!

What We Cover:

  1. Why certain banks support Solo 401k and IRA LLC accounts when others don’t
  2. Titan’s new online account establishment process
  3. What types of loans are available to you, both for your retirement plan and as a business owner
  4. Ins and outs of SBA Loans for your small business
  5. How to contact Titan to open an account for your business or retirement plan

Ask a Banker with Titan Bank: Watch Webinar Replay

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Interested in Working with the Titan Bank?

Considering opening a bank account for your Solo 401k or IRA LLC? Get in touch with the experts. Titan Bank has a dedicated self-directed department, which means they can support opening a bank account for your retirement plan. You can get free checks, debit cards, online banking, overnighted cashier’s checks, and more.

Ready to learn more?

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