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Amazing 5-Part Formula For Thriving With Capitalism

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Here it is, a 5 part formula:

  1. Understand you’re a buyer and a seller. That’s how you spend money and make money.
  2. Don’t sell anything that doesn’t deliver more value to the buyer than his/her money is worth.
  3. Do sell something that is worth more to the buyer than they money he/she is paying.
  4. When buying, aim to buy the ultra-valuable products and services that stand a chance to be worth more to you than the money you pay.
  5. Once you’ve received 10X (or more) value from a seller, buy from them again when given a chance.

Too many people miss the point of money being an exchange of value, and if they stay that way they’ll always be a slave to money.

Once you understand money is simply a tool for exchanging value, the decisions you make will be about the value rather than the money. That’s where the magic begins!

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