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What is a Solo 401k?

The Solo 401k is the Ultimate Self-Directed IRA.

Everything a Self-Directed IRA does a Solo 401k does better. Yes, that’s a bold claim so think about your goals that led you here as you explore the site and see for yourself.

  • Faster setup
  • Easier to use
  • Simpler legal standing

Unlock Your Brokerage Account

Your Solo 401k allows you to access an “unlocked” brokerage account that grants access to the full offering of the investment marketplace. Say “never again” to being denied access to all index funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, options, and even margin accounts!

Invest in Hedge Funds

With fully-legal and legitimate “checkbook privileges” you can invest your IRA money into hedge funds, private placements, offshore funds, and any deal or opportunity you’d like. That’s the ultimate deal—true freedom.

Invest in Real Estate

Buy and hold income properties, flip properties, hold mortgage notes or trust deeds, land contracts, tax liens; invest in pre-construction properties, hotels, resorts, and even international real estate. With the Solo 401k, your IRA money and assets are in your hands and the world is your playground.

Invest in Pre-IPOs

Imagine if you’d invested in Google before it’s IPO… with your ROTH! Don’t miss out on the next enormous investor pay day… give yourself the power of opportunity.